An ISO 22000 and BRC Certified Company

Kerala's prominent exporter since 1970

Who We Are

A BRC, BAP & IFS Certified Company

The growth of Geo Seafoods as the doyen of the seafood industry stems back to the year 1970. Since our inception in 1970, we have been involved in a constant effort to assist the initiatives to become the notable producer of seafood and aquaculture stocks in India. We supply fresh, frozen, cooked and processed IQF products. With great working etiquette, top-notch machinery and equipment, timely delivery of products and exceptional customer service, we carve out the niche and stood ahead of the pack as the foremost providers in the global marketplace.

We made incredible strides in forming an outstanding in-house team of workers serving under the leadership of Mr.K.G.Lawrence, who is the Managing Partner and the pillar-stone of all our accomplishments. The supervision of an adept professional like him transformed the company as the prominent supplier of quality aquaculture products and seafood. Now, the flagship brand of Geo Seafoods is the IQF cooked Salad Shrimps and many more species have entered our stock list including squid, cuttlefish and some exotic variety of sea species that act as healthy edible foods.

Our Facilities

The right blend of technology and world-class infrastructure

The pinnacle of technology and infrastructure spanning a built-up area of 36,000 square feet deliver matchless production of around 50,000 kilograms of seafood per day. The seamless integration of hi-tech infrastructure facilitates the smooth running of processing plants and enabling production units with modernized machinery accelerate the overall productivity which helps us to meet the variegated demands of the clientele.

Our Products

Geo Seafoods are the best available source of freshest quality Marine & Aquaculture products in Kerala. Our factories are well-equipped to feed the proliferating requisite of the global client community. The policies designed by our top-tier management ensure the traceability of all our products’ quality throughout the entire supply chain. We strictly implement the HACCP food safety system in every stage of production and our products are approved by the USFDA & European Commission, Russia, China and other non-EU countries

Quality Policy

Geo Seafoods is committed to achieving continual quality generation throughout the supply chain by strictly monitoring our production units, treatment plants, transportation system etc. and implements the directives of HACCP food safety systems. We adhere to the International Standard for Sanitation Procedures that improve food safety and clearly rule out the cases of microbial contamination at every intermediary stage of seafood processing.

We have a strong focus on creating a healthy environment for our employees. They are subjected to proper vaccination against Tetanus and Typhoid annually and the facility for health checkups every six months is arranged for the evaluation of their current health condition. The complete operations of the plant abide by the PCB’s (Pollution Control Board) Industry effluent treatment standards. We have embraced brand new waste management technologies to treat wastewater for providing the nature back what it gave us!


We are proud of being the finest seafood producers/exporters who have been accredited by EEC (EU Approval No: 536) and the Green Channel Facility from the US Food and Drug Authority. At Geo Seafoods, we define quality as an everyday practicing strategy and our profound commitment towards quality helped us to clinch wider acceptance from the global market. We strictly adhere to HACCP standards and are glad to announce the accredited by BRC, IFS and BAP certifications

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