Perumbillissery family with a history of around 400 years

in the field of ayurvedic treatment


Sree Chithra Ayurveda is promoted by a family with a history of around 400 years in the field of Ayurvedic treatment. OUR family known as Perumbillissery survived the ups and downs in the popularity and acceptance of Ayurvedic medical practices among public over the years and maintained their tradition as a family of Ayurvedic physicians. The earlier Ayurvedic Physicians of this family have earned a glorious reputation for themselves predominantly gained by their contribution to the public during times of epidemics which was a frequent issue of bygone eras.

Those physicians with their immense knowledge in medicinal preparation and nuances of Ayurvedic treatment were able to control many epidemics that affected their region. The great services of these Ancestors to society inspired later generations of the family to stick with Ayurveda and that has continued till the present. This is well evinced through the establishment of Sree Chithra group which presently runs reputed and successful enterprises like Sree Chithra Nursing home and Sree Chithra Ayur home. The tradition continues as the youngest son of Dr Madhusudhanan , Mr. Bharadhwaj Madhusudhanan is joined to Kottakkal ayurveda college to be a ayurveda physician
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